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Bournemouth hospital• Royal Bournemouth & Christchurch NHS Trust is a large District General Hospital on the south Coast of UK. It serves a population of approximately 358,000 with a high percentage of elderly people.

• The Acute Pain Service has been available since 1991, following the Working Party Report (Royal College of Surgeons; College of Anaesthetists 1990). The Pain Relief Clinic was initially set up in 1996 for hospital specialists referral and due to demand was extended to GP referral. It provides a comprehensive pain management service for adults

• This is an information website designed to help Patients and Doctors learn more about a range of common painful conditions. It provides a comprehensive cover for our Post operative Pain management policies. It also covers a wide variety of chronic pain conditions aiming to improve pain management.

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• The most important thing to remember is that each patient’s treatment is individualised.. pain is a 'subjective' sensation. What works for one person may not necessarily work for the next even though the diagnosis is the same.